Halloween candy science!

Candy does a lot of crazy stuff.

If you let gummi bears soak in water, they’ll grow to twice their normal size.

If you put M&M’s or Skittles in warm water, after a few minutes the letters float right off. The color’s gone, too, and you’re left with all-white candy.

As I mentioned before, Wint-O-Green Lifesavers can spark in your mouth. So can just plain sugar. To get the best look at it, crush the candy or sugar with pliers in a dark room after letting your eyes adjust. (Weirdest of all, ice will do it, too. You have to quickly take it out of a freezer and into a dark, hot room). It’s something about the breaking of the crystalline pattern, but nobody fully understands it.


This is what happens when you smash certain Lifesavers with a hammer. Image by Ted Kinsman, who clearly knows how to play Candy Crush better than anyone else.

Do you know of anything else candy can do?

Update: I did all these experiments and a few others with my nieces on Halloween, and they all work. Cool!


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