Magic from the cupboard: How to summon a horrifying tiny tentacle monster (with cornstarch)

You probably already know about the stuff you can do with cornstarch. You can mix it with water to make a weird fluid that will flow like syrup, but if you slam a hammer into it, it will suddenly transform from a liquid to a solid and crack. You can punch your fist into a bowl of it and instead of splashing everywhere, it just stiffens up and takes it like a man.

(The proportions are 1.5 cups of water for every 1 cup of cornstarch.)

Here’s two uses for it I’d never seen before:

1. Pour it on a cookie sheet. Put the sheet on top of a subwoofer or other big speaker with strong bass. Play music and hold the sheet down with your fingernails.

This is the secret ritual to summon a terrifying tiny tentacle monster.

2. Fill up a swimming pool with it and dance merrily on top.

Have you ever used cornstarch for fun? Tell us about it in the comments.


Impossible Earth Part 1: Fly Geyser, the best mining accident ever

The Link: Fly Geyser

The Story:

A recurring theme of this blog is that the world is more awesome than you think, full of impossible-seeming things.

On a private plot of land in Nevada is a scene that looks like something from an acid trip or 1970s science fiction book cover.  But it’s real.


Man, what am I even looking at here? (image from Wikipedia)

Not quite natural, not quite man-made, it’s the result of the landowners drilling a well and accidentally hitting a huge geothermal water pocket.  The area has been erupting with mineral-rich steam for nearly a century, forming those bizarre rainbow-hued shapes.